Bazo Basics #7 — press review

Articles, guides and tools we’ve been collecting since 2019 on sales, marketing, UX and technology. Every week on our blog, we give 10 recommendations — now our weekly digest is also available on Medium!

Lucky seven today. Bazo Basics #7 prepared by our team — for you. Have fun! In today’s press digest we have a real feast for you: photo editing, Google algorithm and great intuitive CRM. Bazo basics #7 — enjoy!

1. Edit photos without logging in or installing anything — quickly and easily

Do you like saving time? We think it’s one of the most enjoyable things ever. If you’re looking for something to process your photos quickly, you can do it with this intuitive page.

2. See the satellites over your head without a telescope!

Now you can have your own telescope at home.

3. Advertising is the key to business success, isn’t it?

If you’ve ever wondered how much is spent on politics to impress you, see the exact amounts and check the policies.

4. Your day-to-day notebook for editing

When working on a text with your team, you may have a problem with fast file transfer. It takes ages before someone edits something and sends it again. However, it turns out that this problem is already gone.

5. How Google selects our content

See how Google selects sites you are looking for and whether it really makes your life easier — or the other way around.

6. Something for your safety and network speed!

Internet traffic is documented globally. With the dynamic development of customer data collection, applications that protect our privacy are created equally quickly.

7. Project not as black as it‘s painted

Is design your weaker side, or maybe you just don’t have time for it? Just an idea is not everything, but if we have it, we can use the help of others to design and implement it to achieve success faster.

8. Ready-made means to increase sales

This hasn’t happened yet! Here, for free, you’ll find 23 ideas to help you improve customer contact and facilitate sales process.

9. How Firefox overstated its actions

A method how addressed messages work on us. Every customer needs attention and a personalized offer. See how others do it and why they get your attention.

10. Detailed recipe for doubling conversion

If you are able to use all this information — success is guaranteed.

Originally published at on October 4, 2019.




See what company is visiting your site and what it’s doing there. Collect phone numbers and emails in the most elegant way.

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See what company is visiting your site and what it’s doing there. Collect phone numbers and emails in the most elegant way.

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