Hide web distractions, Remove video background… — Bazo Digest #24

10 recommendations — top articles, guides and tools about sales, marketing, UX and tech.

1. Hide Feed: Hide Distractions on Web Pages

Do you want to find people on LinkedIn quickly, but it stretches over time because you’re browsing updates on social media? Do you check your notifications and answer your Facebook messages while time is running away? Hide Feed tool enables you to hide your distractions on web pages by default and replaces them with charming images. You only see what you want to see and when you need it.

2. Unscreen: Remove Video Background

You don’t need a green background or broad knowledge of complicated and confusing chroma key techniques. Here’s a tool that will allow you to remove the background from your video or GIF of your choice for free and automatically.

3. MessageBird: Multichannel Customer Service

Multi-channel customer service that won’t let you miss a single message. Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram and more. The inbox itself is integrated for instance with Slack and Salesforce. Get in touch with your customers faster and more efficiently with only one business tool.

4. How to Tell Intriguing Stories

Ira Glass, an American radio personality, shares his tips on how to tell interesting stories. It doesn’t matter if you write posts, record vlogs or podcasts, or even make presentations — the ability to attract attention is essential. Right here, you will read how to write and tell engaging stories.

5. Eventbrite History

The history of Eventbrite, a ticketing platform that now generates nearly $300 million a year. You will learn how Julia, former FX Networks development manager and her spouse Kevin, entrepreneur, co-founder of Xoom and Paypal investor, revolutionized the online ticketing industry.

6. Less is More

Through minimalism to happiness — consumption and material objects, more and more often lower our comfort of life rather than the other way around. Simplifying our life, celebrating the moments may allow us to rest assured. The article refers to the small changes that the author introduced to her life, which completely changed her perception of the world and allowed her to reflect on what is important.

7. Steps for Simple Marketing

Marketing can be intimidating, so we recommend you to read about suggestions on how to manage it. A set of tips for artists, writers or poets to make writing painlessly easy.

8. Simple Marketing

The amount of information we have daily access to can overwhelm us. Everyone wants to sell you something, using several marketing techniques, which — let’s face it — simply distract instead of attracting attention. Read about the questions you need to ask yourself to make your marketing more effective, faster and less stressful.

9. Corporate Jargon…, but Why?

Hello? Excuse me, I need an interpreter ASAP! In this article, you will read why corporations use a language that the average Joe does not understand. What’s the point, its feature, and all this FYI

10. How to Make Smart Notes

We introduce to you 10 principles, which will revolutionize your way of taking notes. The author of the article briefly summarizes what you should know about writing notes — if you still haven’t found clear solutions.

Originally published at https://bazo.io on March 12, 2020

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