How to sleep on a plane, Retro maps, 7,000 marketing solutions — Bazo Digest #19

10 recommendations — valuable articles, guides and tools on sales, marketing, UX and tech.

1. Machine to Make Money — Leon Black

How did Apollo’s CEO come into a great fortune? Read his story. Behind every great achievement, including financial one, there are millions…of small steps.

2. What Do Scissors Have in Common With the Biggest Corporations?

Comparing scissors emojis on Facebook, Google and others.

3. Cornell Notes — Simpler Way to Take Notes

You may have the impression that writing notes is one of the least complicated things. That’s true, but there’s an equally easy way to make them in such a way to remember more. And that’s all what we need.

4. Doomsday Algorithm: What Day of the Week Is It?

Providing a day of the week based on the date is what Doomsday does for us. Something amusing for all curious people who like to know the answer to every question.

5. Google Podcasts — Listen Anytime

We particularly recommend this special application. It synchronises with all your devices. So you can play your favourite podcasts from all around the world wherever you are.

6. Compare Over 7,000 Marketing Solutions

Martechbase — test the most effective tools for marketers. They will help you to grow and develop faster. Modern technical solutions help us to do much more today. All you have to do is check if they’ll function in your work.

7. 11 Chapters from SaaS Sales Leaders

A guide of the world’s largest organisations that provide solutions to sales problems. You’ll solve your issues with this book. If sales don’t achieve their goals, it may mean you need to train your department. See how others do it.

8. How to Sleep on a Plane

Travelling is associated with time zone changes, fatigue and sleep deprivation. Here are some ways to take a nap on the plane so that you don’t break your neck.

9. City Maps for Retro Fans

Enter any city you like and see how it presents itself in an interesting graphic form.

10. Loom — for More Effective Communication

Transmit information by recording your screen. Your voice and face will also be registered. Build relationships with your clients on a higher level.

Originally published at on January 16, 2020.

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