TikTok algorithm, Tables in emails, Emojipedia… — Bazo Digest #25

10 recommendations — top articles, guides and tools about sales, marketing, UX and tech.

1. TikTok Algorithm Rules

Tik Tok users spend on average more than 10 minutes on Tik Tok while browsing the recommended content. It’s three times longer than for Instagram. All this is related to a specific Tik Tok algorithm — the details and methods can be found in this article.

2. Facebook Detox (Study)

2,743 volunteers took the challenge of deactivating their Facebook accounts. In the ‘American Economic Review’ experiment, the respondents didn’t use the platform for one month, receiving a substantial cash reward in return. The researchers studied their mood and behaviour, which led them to discover surprising conclusions.

3. Start and Join Meetings for Free -Jitsi

If you can’t stand even the shortest separation from your friends or coworkers, and phone calls aren’t enough, we have something for you. A free video conference platform will allow you to contact others quickly. You can also connect this tool to your calendar, and most importantly, you don’t even have to play with setting up an account.

4. What Facebook Doesn’t Tell You

All of you probably already know that Facebook knows more about you than many of your closest friends. The ‘Download your data’ function may in a way make you aware of the situation, but it’s certainly not a set of data that you voluntarily provide your advertisers with. If you want to know why, click here.

5. Toilet Paper Calculator

Each generation faces different problems. For some, at times of natural disasters or epidemics, it may be the fear of a lack of basic foodstuffs, and for others… enough toilet paper. But calmly, we have a solution for that. This expert tool will re-calculate your paper supply and answer the question, how long will it take?

6. Remote Brainstorming

Ideas on how to work with your home office team. These tips will allow you to reflect on how to do it efficiently, without moments filled with awkward silence — a guide especially for those who don’t have a lot of experience in it.

7. Gmail Tables — Tables in Emails

Gmail Tables is a tool that allows you to create tables in emails. This easy-to-use application will allow you to adjust the colours, background, table size — in no more than 30 seconds. The ideal option for sales specialists, managers, as well as customer service.

8. Emojipedia — Encyclopedia of Emoji

Internet encyclopedia for the 21st century. You will find all the emojis and their stories. If you use these mini pictures in your communication, it’s worth having a look here for inspirations!

9. Car Trip Without Leaving Home

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong in our modern times? Do you dream of travelling by car around the globe, with good music and marking new visited places on the world map? We will help you to fulfil some of these wishes. Here is a radio that will allow you to move through time even until 1900. You start by choosing the decade and the place you want to go. You can create your route and take a virtual journey across four continents without moving from your couch.

10. Top Marketing Podcasts

The best podcasts about marketing for the most demanding ones. The updated list of radio plays constructed by experts. Based, among others, on Alexa Web Traffic Rank, relevance or social media channels. You can be a part of this team, too — providing feedback and your suggestions straight to their box.

Originally published at https://bazo.io on March 19, 2020

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